Posted by Caleb Chang
We're looking for candidates for RYLA and Adventures in Leadership. 
Here's a letter from Sean Hogan:

I'm going to be away for the next month, taking part in an international service project at the Cura Rotary Orphanage School in Kenya. Benji Travis will be looking after RYLA registration and Sal Abbott will be looking after Adventures in Leadership. You can send RYLA related emails to and Adventures in Leadership emails to I should be able to check this email address, but not regularly.

The dates for the next RYLA camp will be from June 4 - 7, 2009 and will be at the Zajac Ranch again (near Mission, BC).

For your information, I am enclosing our About RYLA form and the Joining Instructions, along with the application form. You can also get these from our website at

We are asking clubs to submit their candidates using the online applications at our website. If you would prefer the paper application, please email us and we will forward one to you. We are asking clubs to sponsor young adults whose ages range between the final year of high school and age 25.

We ask for candidates who hold a position of leadership and/or display leadership potential. They can be male or female, married or single. Since District 5050 clubs are in both Washington State and British Columbia, we hope to have an equal mix of Americans and Canadians.

Each Rotary club is invited to select at least two young people (preferably one male and one female). The date that I lovingly refer to in Rotary terminology as the "First Artifical Deadline" is March 31, 2009. Each club has two guaranteed spots up to that date. After that, applications are accepted on a first come basis.

The ultimate deadline is April 30, since we have to commit our numbers to Camp Zajac by early May.

Please note that our Adventures program for the end of February reached full capacity in December - over two months before the program date. We have also had maximum capacity registration for RYLA previously, so we do ask that you put your mind to RYLA candidates as soon as possible. Plus it helps both us and the ranch get better prepared. If you wisht to ensure that we reserve spaces for your candidates, please let us know as soon as possible.

Remember - RYLA is one of the programs that allow family members of Rotarians to participate.

We also strongly encourage clubs to send both In Bound and Out Bound Rotary exchange students. Even if an Out Bound student does not meet our age requirement, we will make an exception. Being selected for Youth Exchange is a commendation about the students maturity and RYLA will give them a taste of their year away, since we model much of what we do on the Youth Exchange program.

The cost to the Rotary club will be $375 per candidate. Since we are required to provide the Ranch with our participant numbers in early May, we will be unable to refund the club for any cancellations after May 1. The Club may sponsor an alternate candidate in that person's place.

The original application forms can be forwarded along with your cheque, payable to RYLA:
RYLA 2009
#200 - 8120 - 128th Street
Surrey, BC, Canada
V3W 1R1
If you are not registering online, we ask that copies of the application form be either faxed to (604)-635-3311 or scanned/e-mailed to so that we can process them as soon as possible. Again, the original can follow with your club's cheque.

If you would like more information on the RYLA program or to have a speaker make a presentation at your club or if you are interested in joining the Committee or visiting RYLA, please let us know.

If you should not be on this list and want to be taken off, please send a polite note. Names tend to accrete on the contact list. If your club has a RYLA Chair who is not on the above list, please send that person's name and email address.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Sean Hogan